Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey there girlies:)  We're gonna start a new thing on my blog. It's called A Moment With Maddie :D
On these posts, we'll have Maddie teach you a tutorial. Whether it's a hair tutorial video, just steps to one, or a totally random moment, we'll have tons of fun with miss M :)

HERE IS HER FIRST  "A Moment With Maddie :D" !!!!  Welcome my amazing cousin!!! :)
Here's the actual video below
Sock BunTutorial- A Moment With Maddie :D
As she said in the video, I have pictures of the end results. She did this tutorial the night before Easter Sunday so her hair would be pretty and wavy. It was! I loved it:) Here's what it looked like:

Front View

Back View

Easter Outfits
Easter Outfits (closer)

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