Thursday, April 11, 2013

HAY! :)  Yeah, yeah...I know it's for horses lol  Hope you guys have had an awesome week =D  I have some new hairstyles for you, but we're gonna try something new! YAY FOR BRANCHING OUT!!!!! haha  I may have a random post of whatever comes to my mind at the time, or a flashback. Since it's a Thursday, we're gonna start a new thing on Thursdays (if I can get on here lol) called Throwback Thursday (a blast into the past with pictures, memories, etc.)   OR  Totally Random Things (self explanatory I think). It will most likely switch back and forth every other week. This week's is...

Throwback Thursday!

This me and my friend Stephanie at an Indianapolis Indians game from like 7th or 8th grade. We had fake tiger tattoos all over our faces! It was soo much fun gettin to hang out with her all day :)
Hope ya'll have a GRRRREAT weekend, and I'll see ya next week! :D

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